After six months and 125 hours of in-depth training, Ponderosa Fire Department’s newest members graduated in a ceremony held on June 13. Before graduating, each member had to meet all recruit class requirements, which included, but was not limited to, training in ladders, hoses, nozzles and live fire; an introduction to hazardous materials; CPR and first aid and organizational structure, policies and procedures.

Chief Fred Windisch commends the class for effectively meeting the many training challenges, including rigorous schedules, studying, and the passing of written and skills tests.

“This class did an outstanding job in all regards,” he said. “After some ‘seasoning time’, this group will be an integral part of our organization.”

New recruits come from many different backgrounds, professionally and personally. But all have one thing in common: the need to give back to their local community.

New member, Matt Tomlinson, a full-time staff employee at Cypress Creek EMS, agrees.

“Ponderosa VFD has an outstanding reputation for providing top notch fire protection, suppression and other services for their community,” he said. “I wanted to be a part of their family.”

Tomlinson also feels the training provided was first-class and prepared him well for his new role.

“The training has given me the confidence to be an active firefighter. I’ve learned, among other things, about fire behavior and how to be effective in both fighting and preventing fires,” he said. “This training has allowed me to be part of an elite team, providing a service that not everyone is cut out for. I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

The new Ponderosa VFD members are now certified by the Texas State Firemen’s and Fire Marshal’s Association as Introductory Firefighters and they are well on their way to achieving Basic Certified status.

Thirteen year-old junior member, Brian Turley also completed the full 125 hours of training, and will be able to apply those hours and receive his certification when he turns 16. Until that time, Brian will be involved in all operations outside of the danger area, including taking equipment off of trucks, working in the rehab area and participating in all training evolutions.

“Finishing the training and graduating was a real feeling of accomplishment, like when I went to District with my school football team…and we won,” Turley said. “I’m excited about completing this. It brings me one step closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a firefighter.”

Brian’s dad, Matt, is a long-term member of PVFD, his brother, Bruce, is a recruit firefighter, and his mom, Janette, and sister, Amanda, are members of the Ponderosa VFD Rehab Team -- talk about a total family commitment!

From the entire Ponderosa VFD organization, we congratulate our newest members (listed below) and look forward to the contributions they will make to our team and to their community.

Ponderosa VFD Graduates

Richard Carter
Mark Calub
Glen Hunsberger
Bobby Rampy
Larry Sellens
Michael Storms
Matt Tomlinson
Brian Turley (Junior Member)

If you are interested in a chance at becoming a Ponderosa VFD volunteer firefighter, click here for more information on our next training class, which will begin sometime between mid-August and September of 2005.

(From left to right) Matt Turley, Father; Brian Turley, PVFD Junior Graduate; Jeanette Turley, Mother; Bruce Turley, Brother; Amanda Turley, Sister.   (From left to right) Eric Anderson, Spring VFD Deputy Chief; Glenn Hunsberger, PVFD Graduate; Robert David, Spring VFD Firefighter
Jr. Captain, Rick Reeg pinning badge on Graduate, Larry Sellens   Matt Tomlinson, Graduate
(From left to right) Anja Storms, Mother; Dustin Storms, Brother; Michael Storms, Graduate; Jason Kwas, Stepfather   Graduate, Richard Carter with Girlfriend, Venessa Leblanc

(Left to right) Robert Logan, Fire Marshal; Bobby Rampy, Graduate; Len Call, Station 61 Captain


Mark Calub, Graduate


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