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Standard Operating Guidelines

Mission Statement
Definition of a Firefighter
Organizational Chart
Thoughts to Ponder(osa)
Health, Safety and Environment
Rules and Regulations
Organizational Guidelines
Thinking and Acting Like a Member of the PFD
Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Assn. Inc. By Laws 2013
PVFA Non-Discrimination Policy - Employees Volunteering
PVFA Whistleblower Policy 2013
PVFA Document Retention and Destruction Policy March 2017
Accident and Injury Investigation
Attending the National Fire Academy
Camper 63 Agreement
Command Staff Open Campaigning
Disciplinary Guideline
Expense Statements
Facility Maintenance and Safety Inspections

False Alarms

Infection Control
  Job Descriptions
Fire Chief
Assistant Fire Chief
Deputy Chief
Office Manager
Training Field Coordinator
Occupational Safety and Health
Officers Leave of Absence
Online Education
Open Public Records Act
Out of District Members
Prior Experience Evaluation
Public Relations
PVFA 3rd Vice President
PVFA Anti-Discrimination Policy – General
PVFA Anti-Harassment Policy
PVFA Personal Use of Computers
Reserve Membership
Restricted Work
SCBA Inspection and Maintenance
Services Rendered Reimbursement of Expenses
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan
Substance Abuse
Training Facility Use Agreement
Use of Facilities
Curtis J Cook Member Relief & Education Fund
Condolences and Gifts
Insurance Coverage
Langford Memorial Fund
Longevity Awards
Lost Wages
Ponderosa VFA Personal Savings Account Rules 2016
Ponderosa Volunteer Incentive Program
Rodeo Tickets Drawing
  Hot Topic Guidelines:
Electronic Accountability
Command and Control of Rescue Operations
Fireground Tactical and Operational
Incident Command Operations
Rapid Intervention Teams
Roadway Operations
Burn Building Use
Cancer Prevention
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Duty Officer - District 60
EMS First Responder
Fire Marshal Contact for Investigations
Fluid Spills
Full Time Firefighter Position Call Back Guideline
Helicopter Landing Zone
Hose Testing
Hydrant Use
Knox Locks Maintenance
Mutual Aid Response
Night Staffing
Odor Investigation
Outside Burning
Personal Protective Equipment
Potential Violent Response Operating Guideline
Radio Traffic and Use
Security Gates
Submerged SCBA Emergencies
Suppression - Support
Terrorist Acts or Threats
Vehicle Fires


Ponderosa Fire Department - Harris County Emergency Service District #28
Headquarters – Station 61 - 17061 Rolling Creek Dr - Houston, TX 77090 - 281-444-8465
Station 62 - 4362 Louetta Road - Spring, Tx 77388
Station 63 & Training Facility - 21455 Imperial Valley - Houston, Tx 77073 (Northview Subdivision)